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At the end of this year this blog will close, and as of now, all new articles concerning gaming and Generalul will be posted only at, hopefully both in English and Romanian, as that domain will merge multiple blogs of Adrian Balan (Generalul), regarding a variety of topics. That way it will be easier for me to manage all the content and keep adding new content more often, instead of spreading my time on multiple fronts. Nothing will change, but maybe you will get the chance of reading other subjects i also addressed besides gaming 😛 Cya there nabz!

ChoGall gameplay Heroes of the Storm

Let’s get this straight, considering equall skill for all players, 2 decent heroes will always be better than a ChoGall, even if he has his perks. Still, practice makes perfect, and even if at first i sucked with this hero, who according to hotslogs has a 44% win rate, now, while playing Cho, and with a decent Gall partner, i manage to get 70-80% win rate 😛

See here what i mean:

Now, to explain the skill choices:

I always pick the ones who augument “consuming blaze” (W), as you really need all the protection and healing you can get, and many fights will be melee, “rollback”, to make the bomb come back to you and better clear waves, plus get some funny kills, “upheavel” is the only ulti you need, as it can disrupt enemy casters, prevent enemies from escaping or just pull them near your towers or to a more favorable teamfight spot. I always get invulnerability (“molten block”) as you will need it, and “favor of the old gods” because when you pull enemies towards you, you will need to fight and 50% damage reduction for 5 seconds is the best thing you can hope for.

For Gall, the most important skills to get are “bomb’s away” (bomb range) and “dark descent” (bomb damage). Although “twisting netter” works in some cases, i preffer “shadow bolt volley”, as it fits better with my skill choices.

Hearthstone: legendary aggro druid tutorial

Time for more Hearthstone, until Legacy of the Void in released!

Although I have played druid in the past, even some more cancerous variants, like the hobgoblin one :), i must say this is the most fun druid deck of all time, and a very efficient one too. As i am not Victor Ponta, i won’t take credit for inventing this deck, i just played it and i’ll try to explain it better here, as the original can be found on Hearthpwn, as Cursed’s Aggro Druid.

Here is the original decklist, and i managed to reach legend on the EU server without any modifications, but depending on the current meta, some changes can be made:


I’ll explain below the role of each card and it’s place in the deck:

Innervate: Always keep in starting hand as we need this to make strong early plays, to shift the tempo in our favour when we need it, or use force of nature + savage roar combo earlier. It can also trigger counterspell vs a tempo mage or can outrigh win you the game if you use it to play Fel Reaver in turn 1, 2 or 3. I have never lost a game where my starting hand contained x2 innervates and a reaver, but that is the ideal scenario and won’t happen too often.

Living roots The Grand Tournament brought some nice goodies for druid, and this card fits in all druid archetypes. It is the best play when you start first, having 2 1-1’s on the board, as it can trade very well with an early threat (lepper gnome from hunter), a mirror enemy darnassus or pop the paladin’s noble sacrifice or a shielded minibot shield. The best part is that this card can also be used as 2 direct damage, reaching for example a knife jugler hiding behind a taunt or just deliver the missing extra face damage. Living roots is great at the start and at the end of the game, as the poor 1-1 tokens are a good adition to a combo move, giving you a significant value. Living roots together with other low mana cards can lead to a turn 3-4 win with savage roar if the opponent can’t deal with your board.

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Starcraft: Legacy of the Void tournaments

I heard some time ago about the implementation of tournaments in Legacy of the Void, but i only got to play them recently, and the verdict is i just love them! They offer a brand new challange, except from ladder, and remind me of all those great moments while i played CraftCup, Playhem, Zotac, ESL and other online cups. Now, having this system integrated in the game, things are much simpler, you don’t need to try to add your opponent, report the result, upload screenshots or replays and so on.

Tournament mode, explained here:

Screenshot2015-09-13 00_18_06

So yeah, even if the game is still in the beta, this feature is already working just great, and i can tell you this after playing in 3 automated tournaments. Ofcourse, i would expect they would implement it as a custom game mode, and every online competition will be played that way in the future, they could add rewards for winning, make the option to play in bigger tournaments and so on.

Even though i played only a few games in LOTV, i managed to beat some grandmaster in my first tournament, and i even got to win the third one :) Ah, and playing random, as always ^^

Screenshot2015-09-13 00_17_16

Hearthstone The Grand Tournament is here!

The Grand Tournament, the expansion to Blizzard’s popular card game, Hearthstone, came out on august 24, but, as you can imagine or know from experience, the game wasn’t quite playable until the following day, due to connection errors and all that.

I began by testing the waters in the arena, followed by the opening of some packs. Again, Blizz trolled me hard, as you can see in this vod:

Still, i had a divine inspiration to get some more packs, and i was rewarded for it 😛

Heroes of the Storm, Zagara gameplay, road to rank 1

After i started focusing on HoTS’s ranked play, i must admit i learned the game a lot better than i thought i knew to play it at that moment, and i’ll share my findigs here.

First of all, if you want to climb the ladder as we say in Starcraft, you must prepare yourself with a lot of patience. It won’t be easy, there will be games that are out of your control, no matter what you do, but the important thing is to always LEARN something from your games, be them wins or losses. If someone on your or the enemy’s team performed really well, you can check out their talents distribution and watch the game replay, and in the same way you can learn how to setup or avoid ambushes and improve your play. It doesn’t matter that when you fight with your team mates you don’t admit your mistakes, the point is to recognise them and avoid them in the next games.

Raging and insults toward your team never help, even if you adress them to feeders and/or other bigmouths, who flame at the first ocassion. Some people will just feed, sit in base or just won’t cooperate if there is much tension in the team, and that makes games where comebacks are possible, lost for good. HotS is indeed a game that it’s not over until your core is destroyed, the comebacks and throws are real, so really, the best thing to do in this moba is never give up. See here why:

Ok, now about my favourite hero, Zagara:


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Legendary tempo mage tutorial

Looking for a fun mage deck that is also legend viable? Look no further, this baby right here took me to legend in just one day, from rank 4, and also a lot closer to my golden mage portrait 😛


Ok, now for the card explanations:

The arcane missiles serve multiple roles, like to provide cheap fuel for the flamewalkers and Antonidas and to remove early threaths from hunters and possibly even the druid’s shades of naxxramass.

The mirror images serve as a protection and fuel for the flamewalkers & Antonidas, and they are great to be played in the same turn as those cards, giving us tremendous tempo. A great play is a turn 3 flamewalker, followed by a coin and the mirror images. If you get this to happen vs a face hunter, it gives you an amazing advantage, and then you can continue to pummel him with your spells, not needing to activate his traps.

Clockwork Gnomes are a good 1 mana play, they can trade well with early threaths like knife jugglers and they provide a spare part, that can be used with the flamewalkers/Antonidas or to save the day by taunting a minion or freezing another one.

Mana Wyrms are the best play in round 1, they offer great stats for 1 mana, and, if let alone, they can grow, and sometimes even give you lethal by turn 4 :) Sometimes your opponent will spend removal and silences just for them, and leaving them none to counter the flamewalkers later.

The flamecannon is excellent vs warriors and druids and vs those matchups only should be kept in your starting hand in order to deal with acolytes, armorsmiths and shades.

Frostbolt is used in every viable mage deck, this jewel is a must, as it’s a great removal and can freeze a big target in place. Mulligan for it vs Hunters, Paladins and Zoo.

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Generalul on EU ladder, Starcraft 2

As i said, i’m working my way back to the top, and ocassionally i play some team games as well, where i even made it to top 15 global 2v2 :))

Here is a sample of my laddering activity, a game that started with a cannon rush and developed into a long drawn out macro game with a split map situation 😛

And who thinks team games are a cheese fest, take a look at this 57 minute baby:

See you on ladder, nubz ^^

Generalul, reloaded!

After a long pause, exploring other games, getting better at Hearthstone and a lot of non-gaming work, Generalul tooks up arms again and returns to pawn some noobs on the Starcraft 2 ladder! I never had a high apm, but after all this time, i found i was having trouble with the game’s mechanics. Still, you don’t get to be top 25 world 1v1 random for nothing, and it all started to come back to me. Some things remain the same, some change, but you have to do your best and as you play more and more, you will improve. As you all know, i love rushes and allinish strats, but the map pool often forces long drawn-out macro games.

Back to diamond, the first step in the road for total random world dominance ^^

So, if you meet Generalul on ladder, please, give him your tears noobs 😛

Generalul & Heroes of Might and Magic 3

1999… The year i entered highschool, and the year Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was launched, more than 15 years ago 😛 In the summer holiday, just before classes started, i played this game almost every day, learning all there was to it, spending countless hours on the campaign (that seemed very difficult to complete at first) and the scenarios versus the ai. Multiplayer consisted of hot-seat with friends, as it was still one or two years before i would get dial-up internet, and even then i didn’t play it online for a long time. No worries, i more than made up for that years later, and even now, with the HD version of Heroes 3 that just launched on Steam this month.


I never cared much for the graphics & stuff, for me the important thing is the multiplayer Steam support, that can bring an excellent game back to life. Sure, people still play the GOG Complete Edition but that requires some other programs installed, like Hamachi, and some meddling with them in order to make the game work. The game looks great, can be played at high resolutions, but from the start, was bugged by a lot of problems concerning multiplayer. Some were fixed, some not, but i must say i played a lot since the first day, despite the hardships. A regular game, on a medium-large map with at least 4 players, can take up to 10 hours, and in some cases even longer, although usually some drop/leave and their places are taken by ai’s, leaving the remaining ones to battle among themselves.

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